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     Ningbo sanwang communication equipment Co., Ltd. the factory was founded in Cixi City total communication equipment factory. For enterprise development needs, to further expand production, achieve the strategic goal, changed its name to Ningbo network communication equipment Co., Ltd., is a collection research and development, production, sales, service as one of professional manufacturers of electronic components products, communication equipment, private enterprises. Network communication in order to adapt to the promotion of FTTx convergence,, and launched from the office until FTTX optical distribution network user desktop solution. Main products include cable transfer box, optical fiber cable distribution box, optical fiber cable box, junction box, optical cable connector box, optical cable terminal box, cold sub, quick connector, optical fiber, optical cable, cable, optical cable, passive devices, the wiring line auxiliary facilities.
    Industry coverage of the mobile communication equipment, optical communication equipment and devices, data communication equipment, broadband access communication equipment, communication engineering and other fields. Relying on the advanced management, perfect quality assurance system, strong technical force, strong comprehensive strength and integrity of the enterprise, has become China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China CTT and foreign communication operators of the main equipment supplier, and is widely used in electric power, wide, postal, military units, government agencies, enterprises institutions such as private network, and also for the main equipment manufacturers to provide ancillary products.
    After years of development, the total development of manufacturing industry from low-end communications products to become the high-tech industry. CNC equipment for sheet metal has advanced automated processing, automatic spraying line, optical communication devices and other production equipment and supporting full high-precision detection equipment for products provide a reliable quality assurance. 
    The sanwang spirit: always adhere to the "quality, price and service" enterprise approach and strive hundred percent customer satisfaction and "unity, pragmatic,pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, with advanced technology and scientific management to improve work efficiency. 
    sanwang for the purpose of: customer satisfaction, Honor, product quality first.
    sanwang target: creating a hundred years for a total of a leading position in the industry, and a leading position in the customer relationship management. 
   The sanwang positioning: brand international, within the next decade enjoyed a certain popularity at home and abroad.
    sanwang development principles: the pursuit of technological innovation, improve processes, channel cooperation, desire Bida work goals, and strive to create a first-class corporate image, excellent working environment, first-class enterprise management, first-class customer service, sincere cooperation with users at home and abroad ! 
    sanwang communication, common development, create brilliant!


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